HOW TO RECRUIT ACCOUNTS STAFF:–  Accounting staff can be selected from the following sources:-

Through Placement Consultants:- There so many placement agencies in India and abroad who provide their services to select proper staff for business firms. They charge their consultancy charges for their services. There are following benefits in selecting the staff through the placement consultancy:-

  1. The consultancy services have huge data bank of the job seekers.
  2. Now a day, it is very easy and convenient to select the person through placement agencies because the business firm can select some one without spending much time and energy.
  3. Moreover, the expenditure of Personal Department can be reduced.
  4. The secrecy is also maintained.
  5. If the business firm does not get any suitable candidate then money also is not spent.

Through Direct Advertisement:- The accounts staff can be selected after giving advertisement in Newspapers, Magazines, Television, Internet and other media. There are few weak points of recruited by direct advertisements. For example –

  1. The secrecy of the advertised post is not maintained.
  2. If the right candidate is not selected then no refund of money is made
  3. Lot of time of management is wasted to scrutinize the applications of the candidates.

Through Personal Sources:- The accounts staff can be selected through personal sources of staff or the management peoples. This system is also very popular in business firm. The benefits of selecting the staff through personal sources are:-

  1. No money is spent on recruitment of the staff.
  2. The secrecy of the selection of new-comer also can be maintained up to some extent.
  3. No wastage of time in selection process.
  4. The guarantee of the candidate can be assured.