It is true that a business concern is depend on the sales of the firm. That is why a very very importance is given to the sales department. But accounts department is also as important as sales department.  As we know that accounts is an endless job. Accounting work starts right from opening of the office and closure of office. Following jobs of accounts department come under routine work:-

  • Payment of cash
  • Receipt of cash
  • Issuing the cheques,
  • To fill the pay in slip for depositing the cheques and drafts
  • Raising the invoices and challans to customers
  • Receiving the purchase bills from the suppliers
  • Maintenance of accounts books according to the government laws and requirement of the business firm.
  • Reconciliation of bank statements
  • Reconciliation of accounts statements of suppliers
  • Reconciliation of accounts statement of the customers
  • To deposit the various types of taxes in time.
  • To attend the various government department for the assessment of the correctness of tax payments like sales tax department, income tax department, excise department, provident fund department, ESI department and other related departments.

The perfect accountant follows the following practice to handle his routing accounting jobs:-

  • He/she should distribute the accounts work among account assistants according to their¬† qualification and capacity. He/she should watch the work of his/her assistants from time to time.
  • He/she should see that no pending paper is lying on table.
  • He/she should try to finish his/her jobs one by one. He/she should try not to touch other work unless the first one is finished. This type of action creates a confusion and panic to the accountant and some time this type of action can create a big loss to the business firm.
  • All the papers which are not required must be filed immediately.
  • When ever, he/she gets free, he/she must clear his/her table to make sure that no paper is lying in his table which may be very important.
  • Apart of above he/she should use his/her common sense to handle the routine work of accounts work.