As we know that stock is treated as good as cash. Like a cashier is responsible for even a single penny,  the store department is also held responsible for every thing relating to storage of material. Following points must be kept in mind by a store in-charge in respect of maintenance of stock items:-

  1. Store keeper must be technically qualified relating to the items in which the business firm is dealing. Otherwise it would be very difficult to identify the goods.
  2. Store keeper should not issue the material till he gets proper authorized intimation from the sales department.
  3. For each and every dispatch proper delivery challan should be prepared.
  4. Store keeper should not accept the material from the suppliers unless it is authorized by purchase department.
  5. All supplies must be matched with the purchase order of the customers.
  6. All purchases must be matched with the purchase order of the business firms.
  7. The store keeper must be very careful in respect of storage of the stock. He must make sure that there should not be any wastage of the store items.
  8. Store keeper must inform the purchase department well in time for purchases of materials according to the quantity available in stores.
  9. Physical verification of stock must be done from time to time.
  10. The safety of store items is direct responsibility of store keeper.