1. Open tally
  2. Under ‘Gateway of Tally’, select ‘Display’
  3. Under ‘Display’ Select ‘Statutory Reports’
  4. Under ‘Statutory Reports’ Select ‘CST’
  5. Under ‘CST’ Select ‘Form Issuable’
  6. Now on screen option will be available like ‘group or ledger. Under this option select ‘Ledger’
  7. Now, the name of the parties shall appear on the screen.  Select the name of party whom you have to issue the ‘C Form’
  8. Select the period for which the ‘C’ forms are to be issued. Please note that the C Forms are issued on quarterly basis i.e. 1st April to 30the June, 1st July to 30th September, 1st October to 31st December and 1st Jan to 31st March.
  9. Now the details will appear bill-wise for the particular quarter but totals of all bill amounts during that particular quarter shall not appear. To get the totals of all bill amounts, press ‘F12’ (configure). Now a screen showing ‘Configuration’ shall appear. In this screen two questions shall appear. (a) Show all vouchers – you have to fill up ‘Yes’ (b) Show vouchers of – you have to fill up ‘C Forms’. Now, total of all bills shall appear.
  10. Select the print command to take the print out of the details of ‘C’ form issuable to a particular party.
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