Illustration:- In the books of M/s XYZ Limited you have been asked to check the CASH BOOK M/s XYZ Limited for the month of April, 2011’. How shall you check the cash book?


We shall check the Cash Book of  M/s XYZ Limited as under:-

  • Open Tally program.
  • Select your Company. In our case, we shall select M/s XYZ Limited.
  • Select ‘Display’ under gateway of tally.
  • Select ‘Account Books’
  • Select ‘Cash/Bank Books’
  • After you select ‘Cash/Bank Books’, a screen will appear as under:
  • Select ‘Cash’
  • Your screen bill be seen as under:-

  • Go to ‘April’ with the help of mouse or arrow key. The press ‘Enter’ key. Now detail of each entry is shown during the month of April, 2011. The screen will appear as under:-

  •  You can see the cash book for any period. Just select ‘F2 or Period’ and give the date.
  • Now, try to see so many commands yourself. Screen shall tell you the answers of your all questions in respect of cash book. Do more and more practice.
  • You can reach to gateway of tally by pressing ‘ESC’ key.


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