It is very easy to maintain inventories in Tally.ERP9. Any type of stocks or inventories can be maintained in tally software. Before maintenance of inventories in tally, you must keep the following points in you mind:-

  1. First of all, when you create a company in which you are working, there is a column in the format of creation of company – ‘MAINTAIN’. Here you have two options (1) Accounts only and (2) Accounts with Inventory. You must select ‘Accounts with Inventory’ for maintenance of inventories in tally.

For example you want to maintain the inventories of M/s XYZ Limited. When you create the company in tally then you shall see the following screen:-


At the time completing all the columns, write ‘Accounts with Inventory’ in MAINTAIN column and your final screen shall be as under:-

  1. If you are already maintaining the accounts only in tally and you want to start to maintain the inventories also. That can be done only after you alter the company structure. For example – suppose you have already created a company in the name of M/s XYZ Limited and you are maintaining the account of that company. Now, you want to start to maintain the inventory also. So, what you have to do is, you must first alter the structure of company in tally. When you shall go for alteration of the company structure, you shall see the following screen after you select ‘Accounts with Inventory’ in place of ‘Accounts only’ under the column – ‘MAINTAIN’ :-


Press ‘Y’ key after all above alteration. Now, you can maintain the inventories in tally.

  1. Select ‘Features’ under ‘Gateway of Tally’
  2. Select ‘Inventory Features’
  3. After reaching in Inventory Features, you shall find you will find so many columns to be filled up. You can fill any thing according to your requirement. But, at least,you must select the following options to maintain inventories in general:-
  • Integrate Accounts and Inventory – Select – Yes
  • Allow Invoicing – Yes
  • Enter Purchase in Invoice Format – Yes
  • Use Debit/Credit Notes – Yes
  • Use Invoice Mode for Credit Notes – Yes
  • Use Invoice Mode for Debit Notes – Yes
  • Separate Discount Column on Invoice – Yes

Your screen should as under:-

Please note that other columns of above screen can be changed as per the needs of the company. We have just changed the column in above screen for general inventory system.

Now, your tally software is ready to maintain the inventories. Only thing is that you have to create the ‘Unit of Measures’ ‘Stock Items’, Stock Groups’ under ‘Inventory Info’ under Gateway of Tally.


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