To delete unit of measure under Inventory Maintenance in tally, the following procedure is to be followed:-

  • Open the Company in which you want to delete the unit of measure. For example, we want to delete some unit of measure in M/s XYZ Limited. So, we will open M/S XYZ Limited.
  • Select ‘Inventory Information’ under ‘Gateway of Tally’. Now your screen shall be seen as under:-

  •  Now, select ‘Alter’. Here, you will see the list of units created by you. The screen at this stage shall be as under:-

  •  From the above list you find that you have created a unit by mistake and that unit is ‘Liter’. Now, you want to delete the liter from the list of units. You just select the ‘Liter’.
  • Now, you can see the complete detail of ‘Liter’.
  • Now press ‘Alt + D’ keys. The following screen shall appear after this command:-


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  • Finally, Tally asks you ‘Yes or No’. Just wait for a moment and be sure that you want to delete the selected units only. If it is correct then press ‘Y’ key otherwise press ‘N’.

Note: Please note that if you have done any entry under any unit, you can not delete that unit unless all the entries under that unit are deleted.