To delete the stock items under Inventory Maintenance in tally, the following procedure is to be followed:-

  • Open the Company in which you want to alter the unit of measure. For example, we want to alter some unit of measure in M/s XYZ Limited. So, we will open M/S XYZ Limited.
  • Select ‘Inventory Information’ under ‘Gateway of Tally’. Now your screen shall be seen as under:-

Select ‘Stock Item’. At this stage your screen will appear as under:-

  •  Now, select ‘Alter’. Now the screen shall be seen in the following forms:-

  • From the list, suppose you want to delete ‘Cloth Shoes’ to then select ‘Cloth Shoes’.  Press ‘Alt + D’. Now your screen will be seen as under:-

Finally Tally asks you ‘Yes or No’. Here, please wait for a moment and make sure that every thing is correct. If it is correct then press ‘Y’ otherwise press ‘N’. Like this, you can delete any stock item.

Note: Please note that no stock item can be deleted if any entry under that item is pending in tally. It means to delete any stock item, first you have to delete all entries covered by that stock item then only you can delete the stock item.


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