Illustration- M/s XYZ Limited has created a stock group in tally, namely ‘SHOES’ by mistake. How shall you delete that group in tally?


To delete any group in tally, the following steps are to be taken:-

  • Open Tally program
  • Select ‘Inventory info’ under ‘Gateway of Tally’.
  • Select ‘Stock Groups’
  • Select ‘Alter’ under ‘Single Stock Group’. Now your screen will look as under:-

Now, you shall see the list of all groups, created by you as under:-

Select ‘Shoes’. Since, this group is to be deleted. After you select ‘Shoes’ the screen will be as under:-

Press ‘Alt + D’ keys together.

Now Tally finally asks you ‘Yes or No’. At this stage you will find the screen as under:-


Now, wait for a moment and make sure that you are deleting a group which is to be deleted.

Note: No group can be deleted if any stock item already exists under that particular group. It means if you want any group which contains some stock item under it then first of all, you have to delete the stock items covered by that group or transfer these stock items under some other group.


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