• Open Tally program
  • Select ‘Inventory info’ under ‘Gateway of Tally’.
  • Select ‘Stock Items’. Now your screen will look as under:-

Select ‘Create’ under ‘Single Stock Items’. A Screen will appear as under:-

Now, for example you want to create a stock item ‘Leather Shoes (Size-6)’ under ‘Leather Shoes Group’, you have to follow the following procedure:-

  • Under Name column write – ‘Leather Shoes (Size-6)’
  • In ‘Under’ column select any group from the list of stock groups. In our case, we have to select ‘Leather Shoes’.
  • Under Units select ‘Nos.’ from the list of units.
  • Fill other columns as per your requirement under supervision of some senior person.

After you fill up all the columns, your screen shall appear as under:-

At last, Tally asks you ‘Yes or No’. Now, wait for a moment and check every detail properly. If every thing is correct then select ‘Y’ key otherwise select ‘N’ key and make the rectification instantly.


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