For maintenance of inventory in Groups in tally, one must create ‘Stock Groups’ in tally software. Stock Group means when a particular types of items are to be maintained under one umbrella.

For example a company is dealing in shoes and they want to maintain the inventory of of cloth shoes and shoes separately. It is possible only if we make two groups i.e. Leather Shoes and Cloth Shoes. We can understand this concept in more detail as per the illustration given as under:-


M/S XYZ Limited is dealing in cloth shoes and leather shoes. They have got three size of shoes in each category i.e. 6, 7 and 8. They want to see the details of all sizes of leather shoes under one group and cloth shoes under another group. How can it be done tally?


To create the ‘Stock Group’ for above requirement, we have to follow the following procedure:-

Open Tally

Select ‘Inventory Info’ under Gateway of Tally

Select ‘Stock Groups’ under ‘Single Stock Group’.

Select ‘Create’. Now your screen will look as under:-

  • Name write – Leather Shoes
  • Alias do not write any thing. Alias means another name of same group. In this case, we do not have any other name of this group. So, we shall just press ‘Enter’ Key to leave it blank.
  • Under – write Primary. In right side you shall see a ‘list of stock groups’ also. You can select any group from the list to fill up this column. The selection of group from the list is done only in case when sub-group is created.
  • Can Quantity be Added – write ‘Yes’.
  • Finally, tally will ask you ‘yes’ or ‘no’. Here, you just wait and check whether every thing is correct. If correct then select ‘Y’ otherwise select ‘N’ and correct the mistake and then select ‘Y’. After you fill up all the details, the screen should look as under:-


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