After all ‘Stock Groups’ are created in tally, the accountant or the concerned person must check the stock groups. If these groups are not checked properly, in that case, any mistake in group will give you the wrong information. Therefore, the checking of group is compulsory.

Following steps are to be taken for checking the stock groups:-

  • Open Tally
  • Select ‘Inventory Info’ under Gateway of Tally
  • Select ‘Stock Groups’
  • Select ‘Display’ under ‘Single Stock Group’. Now your screen will look as under:-



  • In above screen we find that there are two stock groups available, one is ‘LEATHER SHOES’ and other one is ‘CLOTH SHOES’.
  • Select – ‘Cloth Shoes’. Now, your screen shall look like the screen shown below:-

If you find that every thing is correct in respect of this group, you just press ‘ESC ‘ Key and will reach to the previous screen from where you can check any group, given in the list.

Please note that you can not alter or modify or change any thing in respect of any group under ‘Display’ of ‘Stock Groups’.


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