After you create the ‘Unit of Measure’ in tally program and you want to make any changes then you can make any changes as under:-

  • Open – Tally
  • Select ‘Inventory Info’ under ‘Gateway of Tally’
  • Select ‘Unit of Measure’ under ‘Inventory Info’
  • Select ‘Alter’. Now you shall find your screen as under:-

  • Press ‘Enter’ key on ‘Alter’
  • Now, you will see the name of units you have created. Select the unit which you want to alter. For example you want to alter ‘Liters’ and you want to make Liters as Ltr. Select liters and press enter.
  • Under Symbol write ‘Ltr.’
  • Press ‘Enter’ key till end.
  • Finally Tally asks you ‘Yes’ or ‘No’. Just wait for a while and have look whether every thing is correct or no. If there is no mistake press ‘Y’ key. If there is any mistake then press ‘N’. Now, you shall reach in beginning and correct the mistake. Your screen before ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ shall be as under:-



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