DELETION OF COMPANY IN TALLY.ERP 9:- It is very dangerous to use this command because at on shot whole date can be deleted under the company which you want to delete. So, be very careful while deletion of a company.

Suppose, you have created a company in tally ERP 9 and you want to delete the same that can be done according to the following example.



An accountant of a company created a company as XYZ Limited as shown in following picture. After creation the company, he wanted to delete that company. What is the procedure to delete a company in tally?


To delete a company in tally the accountant has to follow the following procedures:-

  1. Open the tally program.
  2. Select  ‘Select Company’
  3. Select ‘XYZ LIMITED’
  4. Now, you have reached to ‘Gateway of Tally’
  5. Now Select ‘F3 Cmp Info’
  6. Select ‘Alter’
  7. Select ‘XYZ Limited’
  8. Now Screen of Company Alteration shall appear.
  9. Press ‘Alt key + D’
  10. Tally will ask  “Delete” ‘Yes or No’
  11. If you select ‘Yes’ it will again ask “Are you Sure” ‘Yes or No’
  12. If you select ‘yes’ then the company shall be deleted from tally.
  13. If you select ‘No’ then you will find your company as it is.


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