Illustration:- An account heads of Gift House has been created in the books of M/s XYZ Limited in tally.erp9 program.

How will you delete this account head from the program?


Open the Tally.erp9 program.

Select the required company. In our case, we shall select M/s XYZ Limited.

Select ‘Account Info’ in ‘Gateway of Tally’

Select ‘Ledgers’

There two options available here :- (1) Single Ledger (2) Multiple Ledgers.

Select ‘Single Ledger’.

Select ‘Alter’

Now the following screen will appear:-


Now, select ‘Gift House’

Now, you will reach to ‘Ledger Alteration’

Press ‘ALT + D” keys

After this the following screen will be seen:-

Press ‘Y’ if you are satisfied that the deletion is all right other wise press ‘N’

After you press ‘Y’, the account head will be deleted.

Note:- No account head can be deleted if you have entered some entry under that particular account head. For Example, you have already entered one purchase voucher in the account of M/s Gift House, in this position, you can not delete the account head of M/s Gift House unless all entries are deleted from this account head.


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