HOW TO DELEGATE THE AUTHORITIES TO ACCOUNTS PERSONEEL IN ACCOUNTS DEPARTMENT:-  As we know that the accounts department is very responsible department and we call it backbone of the company. Every financial transaction affects the financial status of a business firm. So, it is great responsibility of accounts department to be very careful at each and every step. The persons, who are working in accounts department, must be responsible for all the work done by them. Therefore, before the authority is delegated to any person, he/she must be responsible for his work. Following points must be kept in mind before the delegation of authority in accounting and financial matters to any person:-

  • He/she must be professionally qualified.
  • He/she must be quite experienced to work in all conditions.
  • He/she must be matured.
  • He/she must be honest.
  • He/she must be having cool temperament because he/she has to deal different types of people.
  • He/she must be responsible for all the works given to him/her.
  • He/she must be capable of getting the work done from his/her subordinates.
  • He/she must be capable of giving proper report to his/her seniors.
  • He/she must have good communication skill.

Apart of above, the management of the business firm should follow the following points in respect of the persons to whom the authorities are delegated:-

  • Proper financial support should be given to these employees according to their qualification and experience.
  • These employees must take part in financial seminars or similar types of meetings from time to time.
  • They must have proper support in respect of educational matters from management side.
  • Proper subordinates must be given to them to help them.
  • Working conditions of the office should be quite perfect.
  • Other departments of the business firm must co-operate Accounts and Finance department.

From the above points, we can easily understand that how the delegation of authorities is done and how some one can be held responsible for any work in accounts and finance department.