Creation of Groups in TALLY.ERP9:- Basically, the group is the alternative name of schedules. Schedules are the support details of final accounts. For example there are 100 customers in an organization. If you prepare the balance sheet of that business firm then the individual balances of all 100 customers will be shown in balance sheet. Now, imagine how it will look. It will very lengthy and will be very difficult to understand.

To solve this problem, tally has given you a group namely ‘Sundry Debtors’. It means, whenever, you shall create new account of any customer, it will ask the name of group and you will put that account under ‘Sundry Debtors’. Now, when you look your balance sheet, you will find a heading of ‘Sundry Debtors’ which will give the net balance of all the customers under single figure. We can easily understand with that heading the company has to receive this much amount from the customers.

Suppose, you want to know the detail of every individual customer then press ‘Enter’ on ‘Sundry Debtors’, the list will appear. Similarly, tally has created so many groups keeping in view the requirement of business organizations. Mostly, groups are self explanatory.

It is advisable to study the groups available in tally program thoroughly. Then you can understand very easily the importance of groups.

Now, question arises, suppose, you want to create some more group which are not available with tally program, that can be created very easily. But remember, any new group can be created only under the group given by tally.


Create the following groups in the books of M/s XYZ Limited:-

Groups to be created Under Group
Sundry Debtors – East Sundry Debtors
Sundry Debtors – West Sundry Debtors
Sundry Debtors – North Sundry Debtors
Sundry Debtors – South Sundry Debtors


In above illustration it is felt that the business firm wants to keep the track on customers according to area or region wise. The above groups can be created as follows:-

  • Open the tally program.
  • Select M/s XYZ Limited.
  • Select ‘Accounts Info’ in ‘Gateway of Tally’
  • Select ‘Groups’
  • Now, there are two options available (1) Single Groups (2) Multiple Groups
  • It is advisable to use ‘Single Group Command’. Once you create you group under ‘Single Group’, you can easily understand the command ‘Multiple Groups’. It depends from person to person how he uses these commands but the result shall be same.
  • So, we are going to create groups under ‘Single Group’ creation command.
  • Now the group creation screen appears.
  • Under ‘Name’ write ‘Sundry Debtor – East’.
  • Under ‘Alias’ do not write any thing just press ‘Enter Key’. Alias means any other name of the same group which is being created. In our case there is alias of the group ‘Sundry Debtor-East’.
  • Under ‘Under’ column, you have to select ‘Sundry Debtors’ from the list of existing groups given by tally.
  • Under Groups behaves like sub ledger, write ‘No’ or write ‘Yes’ as per your requirement
  • Under ‘Net Debit/Credit balance for reporting’ press ‘Enter’ or do what ever your requirement is.
  • Under ‘Used for calculation (eg, taxes, discounts) press ‘Enter’ key or write as per your requirement.
  • At last, Tally will ask ‘Yes’ or ‘No’, then you check all the details filled up by you. If every thing is in order then press ‘Y” or ‘Enter’ key and if you find any mistake, you write ‘N’ then you will reach at beginning of the group creation form and correct the mistakes. To save the group under tally, finally, you have to write ‘Y’ or press ‘Enter Key. The Screen after filling up all the details in group creation form but before it is saved, will appear as under:-

By using above method, you can create other groups also.


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