Illustration:- A group in name of ‘Sundry Debtor – East’ was created under group ‘Sundry Creditors’ in the books of M/s XYZ Limited. Basically it was supposed to be created under group ‘Sundry Debtor’. Make the correction of above group.


To alter the above group, following procedures shall be followed:-

  • Open Tally program.
  • Select the company’s name. In our case the name of company is M/s XYZ Limited.
  • So, we shall select ‘XYZ LIMITED’.
  • Select ‘Accounts info’ under ‘Gateway of Tally’.
  • Select ‘Groups’.
  • Now, we have two options (1) Single Group and (2) Multiple Groups.
  • For alteration group, select ‘Single Group’ only.
  • Do not try to alter any group which is created in tally program. You can alter the groups created by you. Though, few of the standard groups of tally can be altered but it should be done by very senior or experienced person.
  • Select ‘Alter’.  All the groups shall appear on the screen.
  • Select the group which is to be altered. In our case we have to select ‘Sundry Debtors – East’ out of the list of groups given.
  • After we select ‘Sundry Debtor – East’ the following screen shall appear:-

Press ‘Enter’ key on ‘Sundry Debtors-East’

  • Press ‘Enter’ key on ‘Name and alias’.
  • Under you can see that sundry creditor is given and we want to assign sundry debtors. So, select ‘Sundry Debtors’ from the list given on the screen.
  • Press ‘Enter’ key till end.
  • At last tally shall ask you ‘Yes’ or ‘No’. The screen at this stage will be seen as under:-

Finally, if you see that every detail is all right then press ‘Y’ or ‘Enter’ key otherwise write ‘N’. If you write ‘Y’ or press ‘Enter’ key then the changes in group shall be updated or saved if you write ‘N’ then you shall reach in starting of process of alteration of group.


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