ALTERATION OF COMPANY IN TALLY.ERP 9. Suppose, you have created a company in tally ERP 9 and you committed some mistake or you want to alter the structure of the company then it can be done very easily.  But do very carefully because creation or alteration of company in tally is the framework of all accounting transactions or reports. So, be very careful while making any change in company.


An accountant of a company created a company as XYZ Limited as shown in following picture:-


Now, he finds that he has given the code number as 110024 instead of 110030 while creating the company. How will he change the pin code number?


After creation the company, the accountant found that he has not entered the pin code number correctly. So, he wants to change the same. He has to follow the following procedures while doing any alteration in above company:-

  1. Open the tally program.
  2. Select  ‘Select Company’
  3. Select ‘XYZ LIMITED’
  4. Now, you have reached to ‘Gateway of Tally’
  5. Now Select ‘F3 Cmp Info’ on ‘Gate way of Tally’.
  6. Select ‘Alter’
  7. Select ‘XYZ Limited’
  8. Now Screen of Company Alteration shall appear.
  9. You can make any alteration now but remember financial year can not be changed if any entry is/are done already. Otherwise it also can be changed.
  10. Suppose you want to change the pin code from 110024 to 110030, you go the field of ‘pin code’ and make it 110030.
  11. After making any alteration, you should press enter on all fields till it asks ‘yes or no’ as shown in following picture.
  12. If you select ‘yes’ then only the alteration will be effective.
  13. If you select ‘No’ then again you have to repeat the same process.

After correcting the pin code number the following picture will be seen:


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