Illustration:- The Accountant of M/s XYZ Limited created so many account heads in tally.erp9. After checking he found that the spelling of ‘Freight Inward Expenses Account’ is not correct. It was written as ‘Freigh Inwards Expenses Account’. Moreover, the group assigned to this account is ‘Indirect Expenses instead of ‘Direct Expenses’.

Rectify the mistake.


To alter any thing in respect of account head, following procedure should be followed:-

Open tally program.

Select the company in which we want to rectify the mistake. In this case we will select M/s XYZ Limited.

Select ‘Account Info’ on Gateway of Tally’.

Select ‘Ledgers’

Now, there are two options (1) Single Ledger (2) Multiple Ledger.

Though the account head can be altered with the help of both methods but it is advisable to use ‘Single Ledger’ option to rectify the mistake in account head. So, we shall rectify the above mistake through ‘Single Lender’ option.

Select ‘Alter’ under ‘Single Ledger’

Now, you will see the list of accounts created by you.

Select the account head which you want to alter. In our case, we shall select ‘Freigh Inward Expenses Account’

You will find screen as under:-

After viewing the above form, we find that there is a spelling mistake. ‘Freigh’ is written instead of ‘Freight’. And Group’s name is also given ‘Indirect Expenses’ instead of ‘Direct Expenses’. To rectify this mistake, we shall correct the spelling of name, and then we shall come to under by pressing ‘Enter’. Here also we shall change the group’ name. After doing it we shall press’ Enter’ key till end. Finally Tally will ask you ‘Yes’ or ‘No’. If every thing is all right then press ‘Y’ or ‘Enter’ otherwise select ‘N’ and correct the mistake as per above procedure.

Note: Any Alteration will be effective only when you select “Yes” at the end of alteration of account head form.

After Alteration is done, the screen will appear as under:-


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