Allocation of the work of accounts in to account staff, depends on quantity of work and size of business firm. It also depends upon the nature of transactions. For example – we take the example of a departmental store. There, so many bills or cash memos are prepared for various transactions whether small or big. While, if we take the example of wholesale dealer, they also have to prepare the bills or cash memo but the numbers of bill are very few because they sell the goods to retailers in wholesale. From the above examples we can understand that in departmental store more cashiers are required than a wholesale dealer though the sale of wholesale dealer may be more than departmental store. So the recruitment of cashier depends according to the nature of transactions.

Illustration:- A wholesale dealer who is having turnover of Rs.100 crore and operating in four cities i.e. Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai and Hyderabad. What type of accounts personnel will be needed by the firm in this case.

Solution:- Keeping in view the size of sale and other circumstances, the following type of staff should be kept by above firm:-

  1. One Finance And Accounts Manager:- who shall be responsible to the management for all accounts and finance matters.
  2. One Chief Accountant:- who will be reporting to the Finance and Accounts Manager.
  3. Four Branch Accountants: who shall be responsible for maintaining the accounts of their branches.
  4. Five Cashier cum Account Assistants:- who shall help all branch accountant and chief accountant in head office.
  5. Four Store Keepers:- who shall maintain the stocks in their respective branches.